Sugar content of “Healthy” cereals!

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We’re on holiday at the moment and of course, shopping with the girls usually means pester power wins over! In this case it was a seemingly innocuous breakfast  porridge by “Be Natural”. It contains 3 grains and honey. Not too bad, I thought!!


Unfortunately, I didn’t have my glasses on at the time so it wasn’t until I got it home and opened it, the sweet smell was so strong, I immediately put on the glasses and read the nutrition panel.


Imagine my surprise when I realised the sugar content was a whopping 20%!!! Then there was another 2% for the honey! That’s outrageous!

English: Raw (unrefined, unbleached) sugar, bo...

When you think about porridge, you would likely think: “healthy, low sugar, high in fibre, oats are calming for the nerves, honey is a better alternative to sugar, etc, etc”. WRONG!! Unless it’s pure, unadulterated rolled oats, it’s not a good breakfast choice.

How wrong I was. The sugar content would negate any of the nutritious benefits of the oats and in fact would create an acidic environment and put a lot of stress on the adrenal glands haviung the opposite effect you would expect from beautifully calming oats!

Lesson learnt; ignore pester power (!) and stick with food that is closest to its natural state.

Porridge oats with blueberries and cinnamon. T...
Porridge oats with blueberries and cinnamon. The photo was taken just after I threw in the blueberries to cook in with the porridge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





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