Group Detox Workshop

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Does your body ache and are your joints stiff?

Do you suffer headaches and allergies?

Does your hair or skin lack lustre and vibrancy?

Are you always feeling tired and living with “brain-fog”?

Is your immune system letting you down?

Sounds like it’s time to DETOX!

Why not join a 4 Week Group Detox on March 4th at Morpeth run by;

Sophie Shields-Brown, Naturopath?


By removing exposure to toxins from your diet and lifestyle, giving your system a rest and then repairing any damage to your liver and digestive tract,

your body has the best chance to; digest foods more efficiently, produce more energy, remove excess weight and regain your overall health.

 Price Includes;

Individualised 4 week Detox in a group setting

3 x group consultations held over the 4 weeks

2 x individualised herbal mixes and 1 x supplement to assist the body to detox more efficiently and help repair any existing damage to the liver and GI tract.     

Phone and email support throughout the 4 weeks.                         

Ph Sophie on; 0409 506 477 to book your place!

This Detox is a gentle, yet effective method of removing the toxins your body is

exposed to and allowing your body, particularly your liver, to repair and improve its detoxing ability.

Did you know that it’s virtually impossible to lose weight if your liver function is compromised?


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