A SECOND Detox Workshop to be held during the day on Thursday the 20th March

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I’m now running a second daytime Detox workshop for those who are unable to attend in the evening.

This one starts on Thursday the 20th of March at 1pm.

This is an individualised detox in a group setting for those who would like to have others to share the experience with. If you would prefer to do an individual detox without the group setting, please phone for an appointment time.


              By removing exposure to toxins from your diet and lifestyle, clearing your digestive tract and improving your gut and liver function and then eliminating toxins from your system,

you’re giving your body the best chance to produce more energy, digest foods more effectively, remove excess weight and regain your overall health.


Price is $220 and Includes;

  • Urinary Indicans Test
  • Individualised herbal mixes and supplements to assist the body to detox more efficiently and help repair any existing damage to the liver and GI tract
  • 3 x group consultations held over the 4 weeks
  • Phone/email support throughout
  • Printed detox workshop notes
  • Extensive recipes to use while detoxing 

The first group meeting will take about 90 minutes and is an in-depth discussion about how to do the detox, what to watch out for when withdrawing from substances that you may be addicted to and how to minimise any withdrawal reactions. During this first week, you will be weaning off any of the foods, beverages and substances that you may need to remove. You will have completed a Health Appraisal Questionnaire prior to the first consultation, from which I will make you an individual program of what needs to be removed and how.

A urinary indicans test will be performed while you are here, to determine if there is any bacterial dysbiosis present. If you prefer this to be done outside of the group setting, this can be arranged. Please contact me regarding this.

At this initial group meeting you will receive your first supplements with instructions on how to take them. You will also receive recipes and other information to help you with your detox.

At the following group meeting we will discuss how to move on to the two weeks of the main part of the detox and discuss any concerns or issues that may have come up during your first week of withdrawing.

The third and final group meeting will involve re-introducing any foods or beverages that we want to check for sensitivity and what to watch out for when coming off a detox.

The cost of the full 4 weeks detox program is $220 and is inclusive of all supplements, urinary indicans test, Detox notes, recipes, phone/email support and 3 x consultations.

Bookings and a deposit of $100 to secure your place and cover the costs of the supplements I will pre-order, are essential by Friday the 14th of March.

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