Herbal Medicine for Winter Colds and Flu’s

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The Autumn chill is definitely here, with cold nights and chilly mornings. That means cold and flu season is on it’s way!


Herbs can be great as they may help to strengthen your body by boosting your immune system and that means you are more resilient and able to fight off those nasty little bugs when you get exposed to them!

Herb mix

It’s usually best to take an immune boosting herb mix before you get sick, as your immune system takes a little while to respond, and if you are suffering from stress (emotional, mental or physical), your immune system will already be compromised.


If you feel you are coming down with a cold or flu, you will need some good strong herbs and other supplements such as; vitamin C and zinc, and even antioxidants such as selenium, as well. These may all help to reduce the severity and length of time it takes to get over a cold or flu.


Make sure you add lots of healthy herbs and spices to your cooking to boost your immune system. Add plenty of garlic (eat parsley to counteract the odour!) and onions to your meals, chillies boost your metabolism and heat the blood which helps fight infection. Add lots of turmeric to Indian style meals for anti-inflammatory and don’t forget the humble chicken soup, made with incredibly healing bone broth to help the complex immune system your gut.

Call for a herb mix or supplements or if it’s more complex, phone for an appointment on 0409 506 477

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