IJFS 2Nutritional medicine / clinical nutrition medicine is an area of medicine that seeks to identify and treat disorders in the human body that result from improper or inadequate diet, or from clinical or pre-clinical conditions that make the body unable to optimally handle the nutrients delivered to it in the normal diet. The usual treatment is dietary and through the consumption of nutritional supplements.

The underlying principle of nutritional medicine is that when the body is supplied with the correct balance of foods, vitamins, and nutrients, it will be healthy. When disease is present, an attempt is made to fortify the affected organs or organ systems through supplemental targeted nutrition.shutterstock_2336845

When a body becomes ill, nutritional medicine calls for higher, therapeutic doses of basic nutrients to address illnesses and disorders. It may be effective in addressing diseases of deficiency that may be caused by poor diet or environmental factors such as stress, irregular life styles and inadequate sleep. Because this method uses substances vital to a body’s well being, nutritional medicine is well received by the body.

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